Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boat Work Part 1 04/12/14

On Saturday we completed our first day of boat work. Wet sanding and soft scrubbing abounded. 3 weeks until the boat is in the water!

The Vytis in her winter home

Senor Soft Scrub

Julyte finishing up some soft scrubbing

Lively conversation after a hard day's work

Same time next week

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crew Party

As the snow buffeted our cars outside, we sat at Keith's house reminiscing about races we've done, and looked forward to another year of memories. The worst winter in recent memory did not stifle our enthusiasm for the rapidly approaching sailing season. While we dread the cold lake, and pray for an incredibly hot summer (but only on racing days), a sailor is happy to be out on the lake regardless of the conditions.

 Mahoney cracking wise

 Skeptical Kelly laughing at Ryan for saying parenting will be a breeze

 Dick stories

 Uncle John is wanted in 8 states -- no photos

 Cate, not crying while Andy holds her -- I'm reconsidering this godfather thing (just kidding)

 Browner -- the coolest 50+ year old I know

Our gracious host -- thanks for hosting, Keith!

Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Mac Race & Old Goat Party

Hello Everyone.....

That time of year again.  This year is quite special for us.

Gyt and Steve will be completing their 25th mac races....or turning into Old Goats as we call them.  This makes 4 Old Goats on our crew.  Not back for a crew of seven.

Because of this we will not be sailing in our usual J105 Section.  We will be racing handicap in Section 6.  Our J105 Friends will start ten minutes ahead of us.

We decided to bring on an 8th crew member for this special race which puts us over the maximum weight for the J105 class rules.  No matter.....it will be a blast racing some new competition.  Watch out for the V Force!

Race tracking can be done on the web via the Mac Race Website.  A nice addition is the Android and Iphone apps you can use to track us anywhere you can get a data signal.  Try them out.

I hope to be able to update the website on occasion....so keep coming back to see photos or whatnot.

You can always go to the Mac Website for continual updates on the race, the competitors and all information.

Wish us luck!

Take care,


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Racing season to begin June 1st.

Strap it on!  It is time to go sailing again!

Vytis splashed last week and made it to the harbor last Tuesday on a wonderful weather window thanks to Gyt and Andy.

Lots of work has been done to get ready for the 2013 season.

All the deck hardware was stripped off and new non-skid was applied.

Keith, Andy and Antanas cleaned every flat surface.

Vytis is ready to splash!

Remember Vytis will be doing cruising on Wednesday nights rather than the Beer Can Regattas.  Start times to be determined.  Likely 5pm.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Season is About to Begin!

Currently Vytis is in the shed a Crowley's with all the hardware stripped off having new non skid grip installed. Our first official boat work weekend is the first Saturday of April at 10am. We plan to meet each week to check items off the list until we launch sometime the first week of May. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Mac Race Recap

Pre Race Strategy Session

This should be interesting.....I dont really remember much from the race.  I know we did poorly.  I know we had a good time.  I dont remember getting too wet.  I know it started light and finished fast.  I slept well.  We ate heater meals.  We had serious instrument problems on Sunday and Monday. Gyt allowed me to drive through the finish!  Island time was fun.

I know Antanas was supposed to post this up after the race.

Anyway, We have some nice photos and interesting content so Ill share.  Hope this brings you warm thoughts of summer.  Only 193 days until the next race starts!

Gyt at the helm after the start.

Wizzards doing wizzardly things.

Skipper on the sheet.

Andy on the wheel at dusk on Saturday.

Keith on the helm at dawn Sunday.

Brown's first Mac Race on Vytis!

Gyt in his bunk on Sunday.

KK on the helm at dusk on Sunday.

Last photo before the finish.

Up next is Strictly Sail, Boat works starts in April....almost Summer!!!!